Company Culture

We are family

Company Mission:Providing high-quality Chinese goods for worldwide customers

Company Vision:Become a globally preferred and well-received e-commerce company

Development Strategy: Insist on market-orientation, to enhance the customer experience

Company Values:Integrity, respect, sharing, learning and innovation

Core Competences:Continuous upgrading of products and service, young and innovative team

Company Service: Improve product quality and create professional quality service

Management Concept:We absorb the essence of Chinese culture and the universal culture of freedom, democracy and equality in the west. Combine the structured, distributed, high dimensional, high-frequency thinking mode of the internet and other thinking mode to create our own management system for different departments.

Employment Mechanism:We adopt the employment mechanism of open, fair, competition and merit. No matter in which position, all staffs will have the opportunity to become company’s talents as long as they are motivated and innovative, have both good character and professional competence and dare to take their responsibility. We provide standardized personnel training and selection and encourage the staffs to keep on learning, keep making progress and constantly improve the ability in their positions with the qualification standards. We conduct a clear benchmark for performance evaluation to let each staff know what needs to be done to succeed and learn to share the experience with others.

Talent Concept:Adhere to the people-oriented principle, respect for knowledge and talent, and create a good development space for the staffs. Improve the compensation structure and welfare policy, and build a sustainable development platform for the talents. Foster good company culture, continually enhance enterprise vitality and cohesion, and provide a comfortable working condition for all staffs.